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Exercise is for body, music is for soul.Swaralayamrutha treats your soul with live music!

It was the year 2006 when a group of five best friends in their teens and fellow neighbours residing in nearby localities begin to jam up every day and all day decides to build a small group that initially strictly started to perform classical music in small venues and there was born team "Swaralayamrutha", consisting of Nagendra Prasad (Mrudangam and Latin percussions), Bharath Athreyas (Bansuri), Sudatta LS (Tabla), Arjun Vittal (Ghatam) and Pranav Dath (Rhythm Pads and Drums). Since each member of the band was trained in Indian classical music, they as a team have been performing at the most highly respected venues in the city and the country starting from Sri Dattatreya temple in Thygarajanagar, Bangalore to sacred venues up till Varanasi. Read More

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